We are deeply impressed…

We are deeply impressed with the professionalism and high empathy we consistently experience with the team at American Frontier.

Aaron Zauber & Faith Kline Transformational Professionals

Over and Beyond…

American Frontier goes over and beyond with their customer service compared to other IT Vendors I've used in the past. They have a quick response time and work with us until the project is completed to our satisfaction.

Mike Petilli Affinity Insurance Group

Proven Themselves…

American Frontier has proven themselves to be a very good partner and demonstrates a great drive to be there for their customers.

Steevie Mize AirClean Systems

There is no firm I would give a higher recommendation to…

Our downtime has been mostly non-existent since we have been a client of American Frontier.

Responsiveness is outstanding. In the event (rare) that we have had any type of issue it is resolved quickly and most of the time remotely. Our previous IT Firm was slow with a response and often took multiple attempts to correct the issue.

James and Don have taken the time to understand our needs and have actually delivered results over and above our expectations. Also, when we needed new IT equipment, they made recommendations on what we should go with. Then they sourced it for us, configured, and deployed the new machines with minimal interruption to our business. If you are in need of a full-service IT Provider, there is no firm I would give a higher recommendation to than American Frontier. They will over deliver on their promise to meet your needs.

Bobby Salmon Insure

Highly recommend that you give them a try…

American Frontier (AF) has been taking care of all IT matters for Research Triangle Dental for over 20 years. AF has demonstrated a very high level of expertise in selecting and installing appropriate hardware and software to support the growth of the business. AF has provided peace of mind through reliable professional oversight and maintenance of all systems. With the business being open 7 days a week we have always been able to count on AF to take care of any emergency needs in a very timely fashion. I have a habit of being very picky about service providers, and when I find a good one I stick with it. I am sticking with AF and highly recommend that you give them a try if your IT firm is not living up to your expectations.

Patrick Cassidy Research Triangle Dental

They Take the Worry Out of IT!

The American Frontier team gives me peace of mind.

IT is very stressful for a sole proprietor business like mine and to find a company like American Frontier who offers stellar customer service is great. They take all the worry out of IT.

If you are on the fence about hiring an IT company choose American Frontier as your specialists, and you will eliminate that worry from your everyday work life.

Tom Eldridge KW Commercial Realty

Personalized and Attentive Service, Always

American Frontier stands out from other companies because of their personal attention to me. I can always reach out and get a real, local, person to help me quickly. The quality of customer service they provide is a great benefit to me.  Every time I have a question or need, they are very responsive and helpful.

You will not regret doing business with them, they are a great team and always have your back.

Gay Purvis Juice Plus

The Answers to Help You De-Stress

Hey there! I don't know ANYTHING about IT firms, but I don’t have to because American Frontier takes away all the hassle for me.

I give the good vibes to my clients and American Frontier protects me while I do it. They always treat you to personalized service as well. They do that for all their clients.

They go out of their way to take time for you and your business. They truly are your partner.

Lauren Van Riper Sage Message and Body Work

Highly recommend

I have confidence knowing my online safety is in place thanks to American Frontier’s management of my security. I also love my new personal computer. I met with James and went over in detail to understand what device would suit my needs. I am very pleased that I decided to work with James and his IT team.

One on one customer service!

I highly recommend James Evans and American Frontier.

Donna Pruitt Local Banking Professional

Honest Facts with Actionable Steps

I’m starting a new practice.  American Frontier offers a wonderful free consultation. James sat down with me in person (before COVID19) and listened to all my business details and needs. He provided advice on how to appropriately plan for IT security on the scale that was best for me. He offered suggestions for hardware, software, and how his company can offer support and protection.

Just honest facts in a relaxed and assured setting with actionable next steps. I am appreciative to the staff for the warm welcome and attentiveness. I look forward to using American Frontier in the future and know that they will truly take care of my electronic security.

Dr. Rebecca Sutphin, DC, MA Sutphin Chiropractic Acupuncture PLLC

Always In the Right Place at the Right Time

You can't put a price on American Frontier’s experience in the industry. If it's broke, they can fix it.

American Frontier is always there when we need them the most. When something goes wrong or we need help fast, they are always in the right place at the right time, sometimes before I even have a chance to respond to the problem (and I work here.)

In the last 2 years, I haven't heard one “no” or “that's not in the contract.” In my last job, customers were sold packages of support.  I had to deal with “That’s not covered unless you want to upgrade the package”. American Frontier is there to help you, not nickel and dime you.

When it comes to making business decisions, I can trust James’s advice, because he's been there. James will give it to you straight, even if it's not what you want to hear. They are honest and trustworthy partners I can call whenever I need help.

Alex Colvin Piedmont Service Group

Great Company! Great Staff!

Great Company! Great Staff! Have been dealing with James and his staff for a number of years now and they are wonderful. Look no farther. One of the best in the business.

Steven Averett MiniCity AutoBody