Managed IT

What keeps you up at night?

Do you lose sleep worrying about your network crashing? You already have a lot on your plate, so let American Frontier take care of this worry for you. We'll maintain your IT needs so you can focus on other aspects of your business and rest well at night.


A healthy IT system means greater productivity! When a server goes down, work tends to come to a screeching halt. With American Frontier on your side, we proactively run analytics to keep programs updated and to resolve minor issues before they become large problems. We can resolve most issues remotely otherwise we're happy to drive to you. Our goal is to keep your IT operations running smoothly.


Cyber attacks are on the rise and the masterminds behind them are becoming craftier and more innovative. Cybersecurity breaches can result in stolen personal data, system shutdowns or damage to critical infrastructure. With so many potential threats, where do you even start? American Frontier offers options to protect your valued digital data from internal and external sources including firewall, anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-virus, penetration testing, HIPAA security evaluations, remediation and much more. We work to defend your infrastructure and the company’s reputation as well as your client’s information.

Cost Effectiveness

How much of your workday is spent solving nit-picky or minor IT issues when you could be doing something more productive? Did you know that outsourcing your IT management to American Frontier is a fraction of the cost of hiring an IT staff member? We offer a la carte solutions as well as fixed-rate plans that make IT expenditures predictable and affordable.


Optimize your system! Virtualization can make a single, physical machine act like many allowing you to create multiple simulated environments and virtual machines (VM). American Frontier offers a variety of services pertaining to the design, implementation, expansion, and maintenance of virtualized environments.

Data Storage

Never lose a file again! American Frontier offers a wide range of design, implementation and maintenance of complex storage solutions. Our storage expertise extends to both SAN and NAS installations. You can be confident that your installation will be done with precision and accuracy and that your data is secure.

Security and Compliance

A secure network protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information and ultimately instills client trust. American Frontier security and compliance solutions include design consultation, assessment, and management of the physical network. A collection of hardware and software suites protects your data from corruption and exposure to advanced hackers.


We do this every day. American Frontier network engineers have decades of experience designing, configuring, and deploying advanced network architectures. Our engineers are well versed in complex routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, etc.), security policies, LAN/WAN architectures, Wi-Fi, virtual private networks (VPN), and software-defined networking (SDN.)

Critical Physical Infrastructure

In cooperation with our network of trade partners, American Frontier designs and installs critical infrastructure environments and components such as racks and rack accessories, uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution, generators, critical cooling, airflow management, and cable management. Call us for a quote!



The virtual world never sleeps. American Frontier provides proactive 24/7 monitoring of your IT hardware and software on network devices. We monitor all of your network devices remotely and if an issue does arise, we can usually fix it before you even realize something went wrong.

Patch Management

Tired of notifications of system updates? American Frontier provides patch management for 100+ common applications found on most computers. Our IT professionals ensure updates and patches are completed overnight or on weekends to maximize your system’s performance while minimizing work disruptions. These updates mend vulnerabilities in software that could be exploited.

Backup Solutions / Disaster Recovery

Has something ever gone wrong with your IT network and THEN you find out that the backup wasn't actually backing up at all? OUCH!

It takes only one time to realize that your backup should be performed routinely AND tested regularly. It's not enough to see that the backup process ran; you need assurances that the process captured all data and stored it correctly on-site and off-site. We can help with that...just ask.

See our Business Continuity solution for the ultimate in business protection!


Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, your business continuity is crucial. Hurricanes, fire, flooding – sometimes you can’t control Mother Nature. So, what good is a copy of your data if there isn't a server to reinstall it on?

Take your disaster plans to the next level by leveraging our onsite Data Center right here in Apex, NC. Within hours, we can recreate your exact IT environment while accommodating your mission-critical team in our training and conference rooms.

Sales and field teams can stay focused on generating revenue and your back office teams can continue billing customers while keeping payroll on track. American Frontier makes it possible for your business to survive an extended outage or disaster. Ask us how it works!

It's all about you...Really!

As your business partner, American Frontier exists to help you succeed.