We get that you want to concentrate your energy on taking care of your patients' health. After all, you didn't get into the profession to manage IT networks. Technological developments in healthcare have saved countless lives and streamlined many medical processes, but along with the benefits, these advancements also carry a great responsibility. Trying to juggle patient care and comply with HIPAA regulations may seem like an impossible task.

At American Frontier, we know you need your technology to work as diligently and efficiently as you do. As a Business Partner, we take care of your IT system, assist with compliances as well as detect and protect against security issues, so you can spend your time putting people first.



Time is money and unscheduled downtime can be merely an inconvenience or can be the death of the business. Reliance on IT network & systems is now on par with basic utilities like water and electricity. Like a light switch, most executives don’t really care how it works, they just expect it to work. You expect production to happen accurately, efficiently and on schedule and you need your technology to keep up! We totally get you!

American Frontier can keep you on track with rapid problem resolution, 24/7 system monitoring to detect potential issues before they become a problem, backup, and alternative cloud solutions. We keep an eye on the IT details so you can focus on your business.



Each project you take on has a long list of deadlines and requirements you need to fulfill. You don't have time for your IT system to break down, nor the budget for a full-time IT person. American Frontier understands that time is money and downtime can put you way behind schedule. We can keep your IT operations running smoothly and at peak performance, so you can keep building your company one project at a time.



When a customer buys from you, they are trusting that their payment information is secure. Any data breach of customer information can have a far-reaching negative impact on your business and reputation. We know you want to protect your customers. American Frontier can provide the security they deserve. With years of Payment Card Industry (PCI) experience, we can establish the framework for your site's cybersecurity and compliance needs so you can direct your attention to providing the service and products your customers expect.