A breach of security affects the entire business.  American Frontier creates secure multi-tiered networks that protect sensitive infrastructure and your company’s reputation. Creative industry tools and robust talent paired with industry experts create a cybersecurity platform that protects against vulnerabilities. It's our job to worry so you can focus on your business.



Are you secure?    How do you know?

A vulnerability in your IT network or systems can be disastrous for your business in any one or all of the categories associated with risk...Strategic, Reputational, Operational, Transactional, and Compliance, yet risk tolerance for each is not necessarily equal. Regular risk assessments are fundamental to a healthy IT system and should be part of any managed service providers process.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis testing focuses on factors necessary to achieve future company objectives through your IT network and systems. We dive deep to assess how effective your IT-related policies and protocols are against the network. Let us identify the gaps and provide recommendations. Call us today.

Penetration Testing

Penetration or "pen testing" requires IT professionals to act, with the permission of the client, as an "ethical hacker" to conduct an intensive examination of the IT network and systems to identify security vulnerabilities. The intent is to uncover danger zones of spyware, malware, speed/performance, high-risk business practices, legal exposure, and many more. The result is a full report with recommendations. 



Remediation & Mitigation

The logical next step to gap analysis and Pen testing is how to eradicate issues or minimize the risk to acceptable levels. Enhanced engineering, enforcement of proper policies/processes as well as hardware or software installation are just a few options. American Frontier is capable of implementing whatever meets the need and will provide estimates to bring your systems within your specific level of risk.



Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), first enforced in 1996, was designed to provide consumers with a level of protection over their personal health information. This expectation of privacy extends well into our health care system and the IT networks within your local healthcare provider. Violations and fines can be disastrous, thus the need for a tight robust IT system is critical to remain in compliance. Let us help you determine if yours can pass the test. 



Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DDS), establishes standards for buyers and sellers to safely and securely accept, store, process, and transmit credit card data during a transaction with the intent to eliminate fraud and data breaches.

Banks and other financial institutions typically enforce these standards and the consequence of non-compliant range from fines and increased credit surcharges to regulatory/legal action and/or closure of the merchant's accounts. If your business relies on credit cards, then you're liable under PCI-DDS standards. We can ensure you are in compliance. Call us to find out how.


Emergency Service / Incident Response

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

 - Benjamin Franklin

Our active and routine service of patch-management, monitoring, and network management is a great place to start and we do everything we can to anticipate issues or prevent them entirely, yet equipment, software, even employees aren't foolproof and some issues are just unavoidable. Although we hate to get these calls if...

You call...we answer...and jump into action!


Web Filtering

We are all bombarded 24/7 with digital content. In the most innocuous way, it's just distracting but can also lead to viruses and security risk. Just as the name suggests, this service filters unwanted web traffic such as social media, shopping, or illicit content so that employees can focus on the task at hand. When properly communicated and implemented, this service is invaluable. Set up and maintenance is fairly quick and painless. Let us show you how it works.