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Importing our Root CA - Firefox

Importing the CA Root Certificate into Firefox

  1. Click on 'Root Certificate'
  2. You will be presented with the following:

  1. You should click on VIEW to check the certificate. Check the fingerprints of the certificate. They should match the following:
SHA1 Fingerprint: 2E:B6:EF:CC:D0:4C:4D:46:C0:A9:3C:AD:F6:D4:3B:2C:23:B4:42:24
MD5  Fingerprint: 78:0E:2C:0C:43:E6:8A:A9:8A:96:B3:B6:D0:FD:CA:9C
  1. Close the Certificate Viewer
  2. Check at least the first box (Trust this CA to identify web sites.).
  3. Press OK.


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